11/23/15 11:35 AM

Akhil to Return His Remuneration to Nithin




Akhil Akkineni, whose debut brought huge loss for Nithin, has decided to return remuneration to him. Going into detail… It is known that Hero Nithin who produced AKHIL movie has to bear a loss of Rs.20 crores. Hero Nagarjuna got involved in the matter to support Nithin to some extent, which is also known to us. Latest update is that hero Akhil Akkineni has decided to return Rs.6 crore from the 7 crore rupees remuneration that he received for AKHIL movie. Akhil has made the decision after holding discussion with his father, hero Akkineni Nagarjuna, say sources. Akhil has decided to support Nithin who is at loss after trusting him and investing on his debut film. The move by Akhil Akkineni is appreciable.

Hero Nithin and his father Sudhakar Reddy invested as much as Rs.40 crore on the debut film of young hero Akhil based on the craze he has got. Also they sold the rights to distributors in all areas other than Nizam at huge rates. Akhil collected Rs.9 crore on the first day and Rs.6 crore in the next 4 days together. Buyers were able to recover only 40% of what they bought the distribution rights for. With this, the producers should now have to bear a loss of Rs.20 crore. Akhil came forward to help his friend and producer Nithin in such a situation.



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