02/18/16 9:55 AM

Alert: Scam behind Rs.251 Smart Phone


There are suspicions arising over 251 rupees smart phone released by Ringing Bells company in the market. Online bookings begin today. The company says that the phone will be delivered by June to those who book phones. However, there are several suspicions on this smart phone because…

The company displays different phones every time:







There is difference between the models of smart phones displayed by Ringing Bells in the morning and evening. Does it mean they are releasing two models? Or…

Another company smart phone showed to media:

A demo piece showed to media during launch time of the phone was of a different company and not of Ringing Bells. It is a phone manufactured by Delhi based ADCOM company. They masked that company ‘s name with a whitener while displaying it to media. However, ADCOM does not know that its smart phone was used by Ringing Bells. So, there is no way to assume that Ringing Bells is selling smart phones manufactured by ADCOM.

Can a smart phone be available at this price?

Many doubt if a smart phone can be available at Rs. 251 because…as per specifications announced by the company, it will cost atleast Rs.3000 to manufacture each piece. Touch screen (digitizer), LCD and other likely elements in a phone cost nearly Rs.2000. Though they use the cheapest quality, it would cost them about Rs.1000. Indian Cellular Association also made clear that it is not possible to manufacture a smart phone for less than Rs.2700. Is central government providing any subsidy to them? No.

How about Stock?

Big companies like Samsung and Apple release 50 thousand to 1 lakh phones at a time because such is their market. Online booking will be available for an hour or two. But Ringing Bells company made online booking available for three days altogether. What does this mean? How much stock should the company possess? When a smart phone is available at Rs.251, some lakhs and crores of people might order it. In order to deliver phones to that many people before 30th June, how big the manufacturing unit of Ringing Bells phones should be? Is this company really capable of that much? If so, why will they use a demo piece of a different company?

Taking all the above aspects into account, it looks like Rs251 smart phone is more like a scam. So, better think once before you order it.

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(Courtesy – Facebook post by Sridhar Nallamothu Sridhar, Editor, Computer Era).

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