05/2/15 10:31 AM

Alia Bhatt does not Know Anything about ‘Sex’


Alia-Bhatt-Alia Bhatt is the beautiful actress who earned special image through her first film ‘Student of the Year’ by appearing in bikini. Alia Bhatt who is the daughter of famous bollywood director-producer Mahesh Bhatt is running on a success track. The cute actress who impresses with her bold action in films talks boldly in real life also. News that the beautiful was dating young heroes was also heard. Alia who is fast in everything has recently given interview to a fashion magazine during which she commented about boyfriends, love, sex that surprised bollywood.

What actually did Alia say? She said that she has many boyfriends and moves about very closely to them. Also she extremely commented about love and sex. Alia said tha these two are a part of two people’s life and questioned why they are deeply looked at by others. She also shocked everyone by saying that she does not know anything about sex. She countered saying that there is no rule that says you should be aware of sex just because you have boyfriends. The beauty innocently said that she knows nothing about sex is leading to laughter in bollywood. Some are criticizing how an actor who actively takes party in lip locks and romantic scenes could be unaware of sex.

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