10/23/15 2:30 PM

Allu Arjun Celebrates Dasara in In-laws’ Village

allu arjun at i laws place for dasara

allu arjun at i laws place for dasara


For a change, stylish star Allu Arjun celebrated Dasara at in-laws’ village this year. Bunny was spotted in wife Sneha Reddy’s native place Chintapally in Peddapuram mandal of Nalgonda district. Local people came to know that Allu Arjun is visiting their village. People from that place and surrounding villages gathered to get see the film star. They competed to see and click selfies with the actor. When they requested Allu Arjun to say Gona Ganna Reddy’s dialogues from Rudhramadevi, he did the same and made fans happy. Bunny is being invited by his in-laws for every Dasara since his wedding happened.



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