06/19/15 9:09 AM

Allu Arjun Rejects Rs.12 Cr

Allu Arjun has got immense craze in Tollywood. He has got huge fan following in Kollywood, Mollywood and also in other countries like Japan. The stylish star who has got such huge popularity and following is being approached by famous advertising agencies and big private event companies, offering him huge remuneration to participate on behalf of their companies. But Bunny who deals every matter with great concern, had recently rejected a big offer by a popular company.




A mega event management company in Mumbai planned 5 live shows in 5 cities of America. The company fixed a remuneration of Rs. 12 crore. When the same offer was put forward, Bunny smoothly rejected it saying that he would not dance in commercial live shows. Also he mentioned to them to approach him in case there are any charity shows and will do it without the concern of remuneration. With this incident, Allu Arjun proved once again that he is a hero in both reel and real life. Bunny’s ethics are evident in the incident.



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