07/11/15 7:59 AM

America Bans Haldirams Products




Haldiram’s products are banned in America. Haldiram products contain high levels of pesticides and some even contain fungus along with Salmonella bacteria that causes typhoid, that is why they are banned, said the U.S Food & Drug Administration. Maharashtra government also responded as ban is imposed by the U.S. It ordered its Food & Drug Administration department for immediate examination of Haldiram’s products. Haldiram’s was founded in 1937 by Gangabisenji Agrawal in Nagpur. Haldioram’s which was initially a family business was later established all over the country. Franchise was also provided in various cities. Haldiram products are also exported to America, Canada, Britain, Japan, Australia, Newzealand, United Arab Emirates and Thailand.



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