10/6/15 2:15 PM

American Airlines Pilot Died on Plane

american airlines pilot died on plane

An unexpected incident took place while an American airline flight was in air. When the flight was at an altitude of some thousand feet, pilot suffered illness and died. Passengers in the flight were taken to safety by smooth landing of the plane by co-pilot.


american airlines pilot died on plane


When an American Airlines’ flight AA-550, carrying 147 passengers was travelling from Phoenix to Boston on Sunday night, pilot Michael Johnston (57) of suddenly suffered cardiac arrest en route. He died before medical aid arrived. With this, co-pilot who was right there took over the responsibility of flying the plane and contacted Syracuse airport traffic control. He requested emergency landing at the airport for medical aid after informing about the pilot’s condition. He asked for an ambulance to be present by the runway. Syracuse airport officials agreed to his request, after which the co-pilot landed the flight at 7:00 AM on Monday at the airport. The co-pilot did not intimate this issue to passengers onboard. It was only after he landed the flight he informed passengers about emergency landing due to pilot’s death. Passengers were shocked at once on hearing the information. However, they later expressed gratitude to the co-pilot for landing them safely.



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