09/4/15 11:32 AM

An Auto-driver to Attend Italy Film Festival


International film festival is prestigious. Big Celebrities, great actors and directors only attend them. Screening of their film in such festivals is regarded as an award to them. Film festivals provide opportunity to actors and directors to introduce their film at international level. Venice Film Festival that is going to take place in Italy is well-known. A 53-year-old normal auto-driver named Chandra Kumar is going to attend this film festival. How did he get this opportunity…?




Chandra Kumar ran away from his home during childhood and did various jobs for livelihood. He roamed many places and suffered a lot. Many years ago, when Chandra Kumar went to Guntur, police arrested him along with two other friends. They were in police custody for 13 days during which they were harassed to the core, without revealing why they were arrested. Police left them on 14th day after arrest. With this, Chandra Kumar got the idea of penning down the atrocities of police officials against him. He scripted them down as a novel and titled the book ‘Lock Up’. Chandra Kumar who is basically an auto-driver utilized free time to write the book. He made use of time while waiting for passengers and while stuck in jammed traffic. Most part of the book he wrote in his auto. The book was published and gained good fame. Chandra Kumar wrote 5 more books after Lock Up. His writings dealt with sufferings of common people and society that we witness daily. Tamil film director Vetrimaaran who read Lock Up decided to make a film based on the book. Thus the film Visaranai took its form. Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush produced the film, which is going to be screened at Venice film festival. Thus, along with director, writer Chandra Kumar who penned down his experiences and sufferings in a book that is the basis of the film is also going to attend Italy’s Film Festival.



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