03/8/16 11:13 AM

Anasuya War with PR

Anchor Anasuya (18)

Anchor turned actress Anasuya Bharadwaj shares equal number of followers and haters. Her haters always look up for some time to hit back on her. The same thing has happened when Anasuya happened to share the review of a film Guntur Talkies written by a well known PR in the film industry. She shared the review and added, “Sorry!!No offense to team #GunturTalkies !Immense respect to da cast n crew!But dis guy!?? I mean hez a PR?Really? “Giving such statements!Made me laugh to tears!!Such infantile behaviour! I mean now i totally believe “Success is da best revenge”! Innit?
Guyz guyz guyz!! Plz dont involve anyone irrelevant here na.. My humble request? Plz! Nannu malli aa rakanga vaadukokandayya. Hmm..Inni misinterpretations aa!

Baboi! Nakendukandi babu jealousylu insecuritylu! Na self respect ni ego ani pogaru ani ardham cheskunte. Na tappu kadu..I only meant as a PR ilanti spoiler panulu cheyadam naku correct anipinchaledu..m not jealous..neither i am insecure.. As i consider myself to b able to do anything so i needn’t be insecure of anyone/anything!Its only my CHOICE to do/not to do anything.

Sum1 very close to me n whom I luk upto as my guru said “evari papana vaare potaru,nuvvenduku buradalo raallu challatam”ani.So!Peace guyz!

But i realised m not alone!A big thankew to al dose who r wid me always no matter wat n r so loyal to me!! Love y’al twice as much!!Hugs!” she posted again.



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