08/31/15 11:11 AM

Andhra Injection Psycho’s Face Revealed

injection psychopath

An injection psycho is now most wanted in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Around 50 teams comprising of 400 policemen are on search for a man who attacked women in AP using a needle and abused some. A man who came by a motorbike attacked around 13 women in West Godavari district. He came by a dark-colored bike, pierced in the arm with a needle and escasped. While the psycho male attacked two women with a needle, he assaulted 11 other women.


injection psycho face


Police officials who found needles used by the man sent them to forensic lab for examination. Based on reports, police confirmed that no traces of poison or bacteria virus were found on them.  A sketch of the psycho was drawn based on clues provided by victims and eye-witnesses. Police officials are observing CCTV footages recorded on roads also as it was noticed that the man wore no mask on first one or two days. Reward of Rs.1 lakh was announced for those who give information about him.



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