07/8/15 7:26 AM

ANDHRA PRADESH Turns a Curse on People of AP


Surprised how Andhra Pradesh could turn a curse on people of AP? Then you have to read the story and decide! During past 60 years, huge amount of debt was incurred several times under the name of Andhra Pradesh. While only a part of the debt was spent on 23 districts in united Andhra Pradesh, most of the money was spent for the development of Hyderabad.




Andhra Pradesh incurred debt of approximately Rs.2.5 lakh crore approximately during last decade. Debt incurred by government organizations is approximately Rs.5 lakh crore. There are 96 other government bodies like Power Generation Corporation, Finance corporation, Tading corporation, RTC Housing, Beverages etc. 28 of these bodies directly have financial dealings, for which huge debts were incurred by them when the state was united. The present scenario demands AP to repay all these debts.

Separate Telangana has set up corporations with new names, hence the separate state has no connections with the debts. Just describing the limitations of revenues, Andhra Pradesh has been divided into AP and Telangana. Center has not paid much attention to water, education, hospitality, old debts or their interests. Though it had been 13 months since the state was divided, even now those issues are not being bothered about. At the time of division, like Telangana, if the remaining 13 districts (AP) in Andhra Pradesh were also given a different name, AP alone need not have to owe these debts now. Andhra Pradesh was totally betrayed in the matter. Thus ‘Andhra Pradesh’ name has turned a curse on the people of  AP. It has turned a burden on the 5 crore people in AP, which brings Rs.1 lakh extra burden on each person in the state.

What do you say now? Andhra Pradesh did turn a curse on people of AP? Isn’t it?



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