05/7/16 11:42 AM

Another Blow to AP from Narendra Modi

modi ap

The central government has ruined the last hope of AP by stating the lame reason that special status cannot be granted to it since it was not mentioned in the state re-organization act. However, it was clearly mentioned in the act about tax incentives to newly established industries to aid development in the bifurcated state. When TDP MLAs asked about the same, Jayanth Sinha, Minister of state for Finance has given the following written reply. “Any release of special assistance to AP under various provisions of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 will be based on the recommendations of the National Institution for Transforming India (Niti Aayog). But it is also based on the availability of resources with the union government within gross budgetary support,” said Jayanth Sinha.

‘We won’t grant special status since it was not mentioned in the act, we won’t waive loans because it will incur loss to other regions, we won’t allot funds for now since there are no proper calculations of revenue deficit’.. Though center is clearly saying that it won’t do anything for the state, Chandrababu is asking his party leaders to stay tight-lipped. God should only know why Babu is hesitant and still continuing in center. Is this the right lesson to be learnt by people of AP who chose leaders who value their business and positions more than public?



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