11/26/15 4:28 PM

Anushka’s Size Zero-A Guaranteed Hit-Reasons

size zero anushka

size zero anushka


Size Zero movie starring Anushka in lead role under Prakash Kovelamudi’s direction gained positive talk in film nagar. Prakash Rao, S/O Raghavendra Rao has earned good marks as a director with the film Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu but failed to score a commercial hit. But Size Zero is guaranteed to score a hit for him because…

Kithakithalu movie that came with the concept of overweight has been a super hit. Since size zero bears a similar concept, audience would love watching the movie. Comedian Geeta Singh was shown as a fat wife in Kithakithalu. Since glamour girl Anushka will be appearing as a fatso in Size Zero, audiences will be more interested. They will surely enjoy the film.

Many college-going girls are trying for Size Zero now-a-days. They will all connect to this film. Hence collections from college-going girls are guaranteed…

Since Anushka has got great craze among young men, they will definitely reach theatres to watch their favorite actress in such a role.

Many married women face the trouble of overweight. So, they will also connect well to the film, thus family collections will be great.

Many married men complain that their wives were slim at the time of wedding but have gradually become fat. Size Zero will attract such men.

Children will be eager to watch the film as it is evident in the trailer that Anushka provides fun as a hefty lady in the film.

So, Size Zero comes with a subject that many people like and connect to. Anushka anyway nails the roles with her performance. Considering all these factors, it is being said that Size Zero will be a guaranteed hit.

The only doubt is…The entire first half and a portion of second half could be very entertaining but how the last 40 minutes will go is going to be crucial. How will they end the story? Will they take a class for audiences or is the climax funny as well? This decides the extent to which audiences will be entertained and Size Zero will score a hit or not, say cine experts.



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