11/3/15 11:43 AM

AP Grants Reservation to Kaapu Community




Andhra Pradesh government’s decision comes as a relief to Kaapu community. Government is taking measures to include the Kaapus who are being considered as OCs in BCs. Ministers of AP have decided in Vijayawada yesterday on setting up BC commission to scrutinize the factors for inclusion.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu promised at the time of previous election that Kaapu community will be regarded as BC and a special corporation will be set up to ensure the betterment of the community. Accordingly, Chandrababu has passed orders to respective officials for setting up of Kaapu Corporation. In yesterday’s cabinet meeting, it was decided that BC reservations apply to the community as well. 50% reservations have already been given to various sections of people so far. If Kaapus are also given reservations, the percentage increases even more. It is known that as per Supreme Court orders, reservations should not exceed 50%.



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