05/5/15 9:03 AM

AP MPs Should Feel Ashamed on Seeing Telangana MPs


12TH_KAVITHA_TRS_2052449f__1430812044_49.207.168.235Here is a situation that makes clear the difference between people’s representatives in both telugu states. An incident that tells MPs of AP to be ashamed on seeing Telangana MPs took place today. What is the actual situation…!

Before 5 years…In order to bring Chidambaram’s announcement into practice, entire Telangana united. Apart from believing that their lives would upgrade if they are given a special state, many fought for separate Telangana with the aggressiveness that their food was snatched from them. They achieved Telangana. As long as the fight for separate state went on, Telangana MPs continuously kept asserting the government in the parliament. They interrupted meetings, shouted slogans. They have constantly been conveying their people’s wish in Delhi. Finally, they achieved seperate state. But a few Andhra MPs have never opened mouth other than when the division bill has been passed.

Let us consider the case of common High Court. There is no use to Telangana at all on division of High Court. It is the issue pertaining to some lawyers. But the issue of arranging a High court in Telangana is protested for by lawyers, which is being considered seriously by Telangana MPs. They demanded the government in parliament; they startled Lok Sabha.

Meanwhile, actor Sivaji is on hunger strike demanding special status for the state of AP. The congress and Lok Satta parties have been putting in maximum efforts for the same. But MPs of AP are least bothered. They are showing deaf ear to the most important aspect of special status, which decides AP’s future. What should we call them? Can those MPs who don’t care about their own states be termed humans?

The reason behind this kind of difference between MPs of AP and Telangana is the procedure in which they have been elected. Many MPs have spent 50 crores for party ticket. They have spent Rs 500 per ticket (50 crores in total) for winning the election. So, for those MPs who spent 100 crores for election, earning that money back is the main aim, not the voters who voted for them after taking 500 rupees. In Telangana, MPs like Kavita, Suman, Vinod Kumar and others have won after the revolutionary they brought about and with people’s consent. While these lead the groups, other MPs are also following them. Even when the state was united, except some contractors like Raja Gopal Reddy, Gutta Sukhender Reddy, all others were perfect politicians. That was the reason they were always with the people. But MPs of AP revolve around power, position and money. Andhra MPs on seeing Telangana MPs and Andhra people on seeing Telangana people should feel ashamed.

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