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AP State Capital Amaravathi: Mistakes Committed by Chandrababu

chandrababu_naidu_state capital

The master plan of AP seed capital submitted by Singapore team us extraordinary. People wish Amaravathi is built as it is. And there is ambiguity as to how it is possible. Reason behind this uncertainty is the behavior exhibited by Chandrababu’s government.


chandrababu_naidu_state capital


Mistakes committed by CM Chandrababu Naidu with respect to state capital:

*Not publicizing the agreements made with Singapore government and companies there. Because of this, people feel there is some corrupt affair going on with the government.

*Government not mentioning where the 1200 yards of land will be offered to farmers who are giving their lands away for construction of Amaravathi.

*Government is acquiring 30,000 acres of land for state capital but is not uttering a word about government lands and forest lands that lie under its control. This is raising a doubt as to what they would do with those lands.

Providing a clarity on the above three points through an announcement is what is essential now.



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