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AP v/s TS; Which State has Brighter Future?

June 2nd: AP state had been bifurcated. It is the day on which a Telangana full of hopes and a Navya Andhra Pradesh with lot of humiliation had been formed. It had already been a years since the two separate states had been formed. Which one of the two telugu states has more scope for development? Which state will progress in the race? What future exists for each of the states? What is the status of each of the states in aspects that result in bright future? Let us have a look!





Lakhs of acres of land convenient for industries is a boon to Telangana state. The thousands of acres  of government land that exist on the outskirts of Hyderabad are much favorable. Andhra Pradesh state has no such chance. The land especially surrounding capital city Amaravathi belongs to private people.

In this, Telangana is awarded 100% and Andhra Pradesh 10%.



Because of Hyderabad’s budget, Telangana has been enjoying the funds. Andhra Pradesh’s position at present is such that it is depending on the central government even to provide salaries to its employees.

In this aspect, Telangana is awarded 100% and Andhra Pradesh 10%.



Industries and private sector that make use of human resources to generate income, which are adequate in AP. Most people of Andhra Pradesh are into technology. Most people of Telangana are involved in low profile jobs. AP has more people who had done Engineerin]g whereas in Telangana, number of people hold B.A, B.Com etc. In recent past, scenario has been changing in Telangana also due to fee reimbursement scheme.

In this aspect, Telangana scores 40% and AP scores 80%.



Andhra Pradesh is far better than Telangana in roads, rails, waterways. The Kolkata-Madras Highway laid  by Britishers, railways lines laid by them, natural coastline have all helped AP possess much better infrastructure. Telangana lacks such facilities. The two projects favorable to Telangana are existing International airport and Metro rail project which is under process.

In this apect, Telangana scores 40% and AP 80%.



When we compare Chief Ministers Chandrababu Naidu and KCR, it can be said that Chandrababu has major advantages. The AP CM is well aware of technological updates. Though KCR has more knowledge in history, literature than Chandrababu, those affairs are not helpful in development of a state. Neither of the CMs has global fame. Both of them either try to dominate or they fall to feet to plead. In the concepts of development and vision, Chandrababu stands first.

In this matter, Telangana is awarded 50% and AP 80%.


In Andhra Pradesh, politics is more based on caste. Primary castes like Kamma, Kapu and Reddy have a regional party each, which is a destructive concept to political environment. In Telangana, though there is competition between Reddy and Velama castes and though BCs have demand, they do not affect the politics much because Velamas have a political party of their own but Reddys do not. During fight for separate Telangana, people of all castes united and worked for it. In AP, even though the state is in a pathetic state, people only vote for leaders and parties that belong to the same caste as their’s.

In this aspect, Telangana scores 70% and Andhra 40%.



The rural financial system is strong in AP. There are not many issues in agriculture. The water facilities in coastal Andhra are comfortable. When seen as a region, Rayalaseema is facing issues in the field of agriculture. The financial system in rural parts of Telangana is not so potent. Telangana has also been witnessing large number of suicides of farmers. So, Telangana is lagging in the matter.

In this, Telangana scores 40% and AP 70%.



Political corruption increasing without bounds, caste discrimination raising indefinitely, government becoming a toy in the hands of its employees, increased consumption of alcohol, searching ways to make easy money… These are the curses on AP. The Central government neglecting AP for its political necessities is also on the list.



There is a chance of confused-politics due to unsteadiness in the words spoken by KCR. Government employees controlling how government operates is a bad mark on Telangana also. There are chances of protests arising due to unbiased development in TS (between northern Telangana, southern Telangana).



Infrastructure, human resources, strong rural financial status… These 3 aspects are enough to develop a state, provided there is an efficient leader who makes use of them. People of Andhra Pradesh have money but government of AP has no money. About 50% of people in AP belong to mediocre families. Productive ways like provoking the people into investing the excess money or gold they have in industries in AP and making them partners in development of the state. Also the convenience and advantages of investing in AP should be recognized and spread so that development could be made possible.



Safeguarding the brand image of Hyderabad, developing cities like Warangal, Karimnagar, revising higher educational system, concentrating more on agriculture… These 3 aspects will pave way to development in Telangana.



It is everyone’s desire that both the telugu states should compete with each other in development. But in the next 4 years, there is scope for more development in Telangana. If government of AP along with its people struggle during next 4 years, a path can be formed towards development and they can start advancing in the direction. As of now, Telangana has more chances that AP.

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