03/16/16 11:49 AM

Arun Jaitley Stumbles Chandrababu with his Questions


Before leaving for London, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu met Arun Jaitley and requested once again regarding the financial support to be provided to the state. Reports reveal that Jaitley has troubled Babu with his questions during the meeting. The questions put forward by Arun Jaitley with all due respect to Babu are as follows.

While saying that the financial status of the state is not so great, how are you allocating nearly one lakh crore, which is same as budget of financially strong Telangana state?

You say there is no proper infrastructure and industries but you say that you achieved growth rate more than the nation ‘s average. If this is the case, how would other states perk on allocating more funds to you?

The officials have complained that the calculations you have shown in matters like estimating hudhud cyclone loss, estimating revenue deficit and estimated expenditure for Polavaram are all distant from reality. Why is it so?

While the law says to provide tax concessions to backward regions Rayalaseema and northern Andhra, you seek them for Amaravathi. Many are asking us what we will do about them if we provide tax concession to Amaravathi. So, can you first bring out a unified opinion from your state?

You have hiked salaries of employees on par with the well to do Telangana state. How are you paying them more than what neighboring states Orissa and Karnataka pay their employees?

Why is allocation of funds to welfare schemes rising in your state which is low in poverty than the Telangana state?

You have spent huge amounts on waiver of loans for farmers when you are very much aware of the bad economic position of the state. How would it be possible for the center to clear this money?

Why didn’t you spend the funds allocated by center for Polavaram in past? If the estimate of expenditure is to be increased, you should seek permission from center but why didn’t you do so?

You once stood as an example for financial discipline to the entire country. But why are you now using up funds exorbitantly?

These are the issues that you should rectify from your side. How could you seek held from the center before doing so? This is what Arun Jaitley asked Chandrababu.

Arun Jaitley is usually respectful towards Chandrababu Naidu. It is said that BJP leaders are the reason behind such a man questioning Babu. They have reportedly complained to Amit Shah that Babu is falsely publicizing that the center is not allocation any funds even though it is doing so. Also BJP government has considered Governor smoothly criticizing the state in serious regard. This has finally led to Arun Jaitley stumbling Chandrababu with questions.



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