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Assessment of ONE YEAR OF MODI SARKAR by his admirer

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Why did I like Modi?

What is the relation between the television program of SS Rajamouli and MODI?

What did we expect from MODI?

Can MODI lead India towards development?

What is the danger awaiting INDIA? How can we escape from it?


I am Naresh. I have worked for LOKSATTA with Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan for 17 years. I have also worked for HMTV(  Telugu news channel) for 4 years in between the 17. I made a TV show named “COME ON INDIA” for HMTV. Telugu movie director S.S Rajamouli was the presenter of the show. In the program, we discussed the 25 things that can make India powerful.  We discussed the position of India in various fields like health, education, electricity, etc and we also compared the various models in other countries and how they overcame the problems in above fields (I being inexperienced and HMTV being not so popular – made this program unknown to you). During our research for the program, we came across a documentary on GUJARAT named  “Gujarat 360 degrees”.

The documentary showed the efforts of MODI government in implementing the worlds best practices. We were impressed a lot. We even tried to interview MODI for the last episode. We approached Venkayya Naidu garu and Kishan Reddy garu for MODI’s appointment. Nothing worked out. All this introduction is only to tell you the background of my admiration for MODI.

I have started admiring him based on his work in GUJARAT.(Before that I even questioned RSS functionaries in the then Andhra Pradesh head office on the way they handled 2002 riots). I strongly believed that, we need a strong leader like MODI to deal with the various problems in INDIA. I felt that a man who loves his country is far better than the silent spectator who can’t prevent corruption (Manmohan Singh). When people like NVSS Prabhakar, MLC Ramachandar Rao were at HMTV studios, I even pledged two months of my time for MODI’s election campaign if BJP declared him as PM candidate. During the 2014 general elections, when I was campaigning for JP we went with the slogan “Modi for India and JP for Hyderabad”. I respect MODI to that level.

Let us openly discuss MODI’s one year in office..

Modi’s vision for India looked great when he spoke from the Red fort. But his means of achieving the vision, the team he chose to make his vision a reality are not good enough. The things that shattered my hope are…

Swachh Bharath– Its a wonderful program. The country needs such a program. But it was done in a hasty manner without any research and learnings from previous programs. It became a “Photo Bharath”. The vision of clean India may not be realised with this program in the present form.

Disinterest in fight against Corruption– After using the donations of business men for elections, it might be difficult to fight corruption. But that is not impossible. Whatever the wrongs committed by congress may be, they have done some good things also. The Lokpal and RTI were brought by the congress. Even if MODI had implemented them properly, there would be some improvement. Modi has the wrong notion that strong Anti-graft agencies will be a hindrance to economic development. He is even trying to dilute institutions like Information commission and CVC.

The income tax department not taking Jayalalitha’s case seriously cannot be delinked from BJP wanting support of AIADMK in Rajya Sabha. Jagan frequently getting appointment of senior BJP leaders, Modi forgetting  his promise of establishing special courts to prosecute the cases on political leaders, the government’s inability to bring back the black money-have all made me apprehensive about MODI government.

Lack of creativity in the Government- Reforming Railways, making agriculture profitable, better targeting of welfare schemes- need creative solutions. The government lacks such creativity. Though UPA did not have the willpower, they had some experienced ministers. Modi cabinet has neither the experienced nor the motivated (Excepting few).

To take the country towards development-

We need a big debate for the equality of opportunities and development for all. There needs to be a discussion at the national level on the reforms required. We should keep reminding MODI and questioning him of his election promises through sms, opinion polls, social media and media debates and pressurize his government to act on the issues. Only then can we make MODI government work a little. Otherwise, he may be forced to either go for a war on Pakistan or create communal disturbances to win next elections. Modi may not hesitate to go for such solutions to win elections.



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