06/27/15 6:26 AM

Attention: YS Sharmila is coming Back!

ys sharmila


YS Jagan’s weapon Sharmila is back with her yatra. Jagan, even 6 years after the death of his father YSR, did not get enough time to finish his condolence tour to visit families of those people who gave lives for him. That is the reason both brother and sister have divided the work between themselves and consoling people. Since Jagan Mohan Reddy decided to concentrate on AP, he will not waste time going on condolence tour in Telangana. So, he handed the responsibility of consoling those people in Telangana over to sister Sharmila. She, while monitoring all other works, is simultaneously consoling people. Sharmila who toured in Mahbubnagar long time ago is now spending 4 days of her most valuable time to tour Ranga Reddy. Telangana YCP leader Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy asked all Telangana YCP members to leave behind all work and walk with Sharmila for those 4 days. If one cares about a family, will the person console them 6 years after the death of a person in the family? Is that what is called a real condolence tour? Or is it reminding the family about their dead member and causing pain to them? Whatever it is, if we think that the monetary help provided by Sharmila would suffie, it is pitiful.


Sharmila will definitely not criticize the Telangana government as YCP and TRS are continuing unannounced friendship. So, she would end up with short speeches. To those fans of Sharmila who are ready to watch and get inspired by her speech on Sakshi TV, this is a disappointment!

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