08/18/15 8:16 AM

Attharintiki Daredi Spoof Petrol Bunk Ki Daredi


Pulblic are concerned about rising fuel rates which are seeing hike every now and then. Though governments change and many promises are made, no difference is seen in the matter. In India, the taxes levied over petrol and diesel much higher than the original price of fuel. This rate has turned a burden for common people. Those who want to purchase bikes are thinking more over petrol to be filled in it rather than its price. A spoof Petrol Bunk ki Daredi of Pawan kalyan’s Attharintiki Daredi that speaks about fuel rates is going viral.




Climax of Attharintiki Daredi movie where Pawan Kalyan tries to convince his aunt at railway station is considered for the spoof. A try to show people as if Pawan Kalyan is asking government about fuel rates is surprising. His spoof shows the trouble faced by people due to rising fuel rates. Watch it below:




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