07/17/15 5:12 AM

Auto Driver Sexually Abused by Woman!


An auto driver was sexually abused by a woman? Till now we have seen numerous cases of women being sexually assaulted or raped by men. But in this case, a 32 year old woman in our capital state Delhi, tried to sexually abuse an auto driver, luring him to get intimate with her. Another woman belonging to Tanzania got ready to shoot the entire scene in a camera. The panicked auto driver managed to escape from the women and approached policemen.


man sexually abused


Umesh Prasad (41) is an auto driver. A woman named Renu Lalvani (32) boarded his auto on Wednesday afternoon in Saket, saying that she needs to go to Arjun Nagar that is 7km away. When they reached the spot, she asked Umesh to collect money at her flat since she had no change. Umesh who agreed to it went along with Renu to her flat, where she offered him drinking water and suddenly shut the doors. She then forced him to get intimate with her, she even ripped his clothes off. Also the woman offered him alcohol.

But Umesh refused them all. Meanwhile, another woman appeared out of nowhere with her camera to shoot the entire scene. Umesh was puzzled and he stopped both the women. When the two ladies went into a room to discuss something, Umesh found that the right time to go away from there. He jumped into balcony and escaped from the flat. When police arrested Lalvani and searched her flat, they found four auto driving licenses. So, they say that Renu Lalvani might have committed to similar sexual abuse on some other auto drivers.



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