11/7/15 4:11 PM

Award Wapsi: Where Have The Brilliants Been All These Days!




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How did all the brilliant people who are returning their awards realize all of a sudden the growing religious intolerance in the country? You are returning you awards but not the money you were given. Why? Shall I tell you why? Probably, short news might have been published in a single column in newspapers when awards were given to you. But by returning the awards, you become social activists at once. Award Wapsi is a publicity stunt to gain attention of newpapers, TV channels and other media. If you really are concerned about the society and wish all regions are together, you should have reacted way back on it.

Those supporting you people are quoting an example: ‘Why did public speak out and protest when Nirbhaya incident took place? Did rapes on women not take place earlier? We don’t have the right to question public why they did not react to them? In the same way, we do not have the right to question the Award Wapsi gang’. But the point is youth who came onto roads after Mirbhaya incident or Anna Hazare’s protest did not criticize public. They criticized the government. But you people are insulting all Indians with your act of returning awards under the context of growing religious intolerance. Are there any solid proofs for your allegations? Do you have the statistics with you? No? All that is seen is you are doing this just because a government that you do not like persists in Delhi. No other motto could be seen. PM.Bhargava commented that prominent posts in the country are being filled by RSS candidates. RSS is neither an abandoned organization nor it supports Maoists. Then why would offering posts to them be incorrect?

You are so worried that religious intolerance is growing in Hindus. Thousands of people attended the funeral of Mumbai blasts accused Memon. Did you not find it wrong? Did you not feel that it is a threat to the nation? One has right to propagate atheism. But does commenting that one will urinate on God’s idols not infuriate Hindus? Here, is it the Hindus who fuelled the controversy? Should they really be blamed? If you opine that minorities can do anything they like and Hindus should be patient to everything they do, just mention that you are the watch dogs of the rights of minorities and bite anyone who goes against them.

Extremists in Hindu, Christian and Islamic religions are the reasons for religious intolerance in the nation. What is the inner meaning in you people blaming Hindu extremists alone? If your suspicion is that the Central government is supporting Hindu extremists, then why did such incidents take place during the term of UPA and Congress governments? Why did you all not react during those times? You all are brilliants, right? Why did you not realize the growing intolerance all around the world? When you are intellectuals, you should be providing solutions to intolerance in the world. Instead of that, you protesting solely against religious intolerance in India have no gain other than publicity. Get a wider vision. Stop acting as antagonism to Hindus. Try to think how to sustain religious balance and relations among various religions.




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