05/20/16 4:35 PM

Robo 2 to Beat Baahubali 2?


The hot topic is Telugu film nagar at present is that as much as Rs.100 crores is being spent on Computer Graphics for Robo 2 by its makers, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industries are eagerly waiting to witness the Rajinikanth starrer, Shankar directorial Robo 2.0. While Shankar created a benchmark with graphics in the film Robo, Rajamouli went beyond it with the CG in Baahubali The Beginning. Srinivas Mohan who was the visual effects supervisor for Robo and Baahubali is working for Robo 2 as well. Also, everyone believes that it is going to be a visual wonder since 100 crores is being invested on graphic work alone. Since both the high-budgeted flicks Robo 2 and Baahubali 2 are hitting the theatres next summer, vigorous competition is anticipated between the two flicks. But for 3 reasons, it can be believed that Robo 2 could probably beat the records of Baahubali 2.


Superstar Rajinikanth ‘s fan base is vast. In fact, his followers and devotees are higher in number than fans. Prabhas has not got such huge fan following yet. With Baahubali, Prabhas got recognition at national level. The market for Rajini in Tollywood is much wider than that Prabhas has got in Tamil film industry.

Hindi Market

Baahubali has been a huge success in Bollywood with storming box office collections. There were no Hindi actors in the film. It is because of Karan Johar ‘s marketing strategy that Baahubali has got so much hype in Bollywood. In Robo 2, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is playing villain. So, the film has got an edge in Hindi market.

Scope for Graphics

Since Baahubali is an epic film, Rajamouli has got some limitations in the usage of graphics. For example, the drones, helicopters, guns etc shown in Robo 2.0 have no scope in Baahubali 2. Since Robo 2 is a sci-fi, Shankar has got no bounds. He can show however much graphics he wants.

However, Baahubali 2 has got one advantage over Robo 2, which is ‘emotions’. When compared to Shankar, Rajamouli is well-versed with picturising emotional scenes. If scenes that carry great emotional touch and make audiences get goosebumps are more in number in Baahubali, it could beat Robo 2.

If heroes like NTR in Telugu, Suriya in Tamil and any star hero in Hindi appear in guest roles in Baahubali in respective versions, it will be an added advantage. It will be fair play between the two films. Rajamouli and Shankar are equals. We have to wait and watch who wins the fight next year.




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