11/16/15 5:44 PM

Baahubali: European Distributors Fight for Rights




Yes, true. European distributors are fighting for Baahubali rights. Fighting not in physical sense, they are competing for acquiring rights for European rights of Baahubali. Each of them is lobbying for the purpose. The craze that Baahubali has got in Europe is the reason behind such huge competition among distributors.

“There’s a great demand for ‘Baahubali’ in Europe. Never before this there has been so much demand for an Indian film. Several distributors are literally fighting to buy the film’s rights. This is really good from Indian films’ perspective,” filmmaker and European distributor Pierre Assouline said here. It is known that Rajamouli’s magnum opus rights had been sold for handsome amounts in China and Latin America. Baahubali that collected Rs.600 crore has been a record-breaker in Indian cinema.



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