09/10/15 9:04 AM

Baahubali-Inspired Lord Ganesha Idol




Hyderabad is getting ready to celebrate Ganesh Chatirthi. Idols of Lord Ganesh are taking different shapes and now Baahubali did not fail to have an impact on sculpting. The photograph of an idol of Lord Ganesh holding Shiva Lingam like Prabhas as in Baahubali is now going viral. Many articles are also being made available in market in the same pose. With this inspiration, the idols of Ganesha were prepared in Baahubali pose in various places. They have already gained craze all over. The Baahubali Vinayaka will be offered prayers starting on 17th September ie., for Vinayaka Chavithi. So, Baahubali has impact on Ganesha as well!

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