11/12/15 3:48 PM

’Baahubali is Very Small When Compared to That’: Rajamouli

rajamouli baahubali

rajamouli baahubali


Baahubali is India’s biggest motion picture so far. Baahubali is also the highest budget film in India. Director Rajamouli is currently occupied planning shoot etc Baahubali part-2. When an English media person recently asked Rajamouli, “Many say that you have got the experience and knowledge required to direct your dream project Mahabharata, is it true?” Rajamouli told him that there is no truth in it and it is just the people’s admiration. Director SS. Rajamouli said that Baahubali is very small when compared to his dream project Mahabharata. “The experience and technical knowledge that I have at present is not sufficient to make Mahabharata film, I have to learn much more,” said Rajamouli.



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