02/5/16 10:29 AM

Baahubali Makers in Trouble

rajamouli baahubali

The makers of Baahubali part 2 landed in trouble now. Some animal activists based is Kerala state have filed a complaint against the director and producer of the film. In their complaint they stated that the makers have shot the film recently in forest area in Kerala where an elephant has been used for the shoot for which no proper permission was sought. These animal activists have sent a letter to the Prime Minister. Heritage Animal Task Force has recently sent written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sought action against Baahubali makers for illegally using an elephant for the shooting and they also says that more than 50 members were seen at the shooting spot making noise which is like a torture to the elephant. Also, no animal officer has been present during the shoot of that part of the film. Also the activists mentioned in the letter that the elephant was forced to stand amid the high beam electric light for four long hours during the shoot.



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