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Huge budget, very high expectations…did Baahubali reach them? Is Baahubali a Hollywood range film? Will Baahubali take Rajamouli to Hollywood? Check out the review below.





A young man Sivudu, brought up by tribals, does not know what fear is. His strength is indefinite. His only goal is to climb to the top of a huge mountain that lies adjacent to his forest region. He makes several attempts right from childhood but fails. But he never stops trying. One day, while Sivudu is on his routine of climbing the mountain, he finds a lady’s mask. With the help of that mask, he tries to find the woman. Sivudu finally climbs the huge mountain and finds the beautiful lady Avanthika (Tamannaah). Avanthika belongs to a small kingdom. To the same kingdom belongs Queen Devasena (Anushka). Devasena will be made a slave of Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati). So, people of her kingdom (a troop would suit more) try to free their queen from Bhallala Deva. Since Sivudu adores Avanthika, he takes over the responsibility of getting Devasena back to her kingdom. While SIvudu is on the verge of liberating Devasena, he gets to know the secret behind Mahishmati kingdom and his relation with it. Why people regard Sivudu as a Godfather? Who is Amarendra Baahubali and what hat happens to him? Why is Devasena imprisoned? How does Sivudu free Devasena from Bhallala Deva? Watch Baahubali to know more..


How was the Story Filmed?

Baahubali is a wonderful visual feast with amazing visual graphics. Alluring locations shown in the film by SS Rajamouli take us to an entirely different world. Prabhas, Rana, Ramya Krishna, Nassar, Sathyaraj, Anushka performed well in respective roles. Prabhas and Rana’s muscular bodies were very well shown by Rajamouli.




What score can be awarded to each of lead actors in Baahubali?




Coming to the technical team..

The entire technical team of Baahubali has given cent percent output. Production designer Sabu Cyril, Cinematographer Senthil, Stunt master Peter Hein, Visual Effects by Srinivas Mohan, Keeravani in rerecording…everyone has put in great efforts. Awarding scores to them..




Plus points of Baahubali:

+A visual wonder on Indian screen.

+The half-an-hour war sequence was extraordinarily picturised by Rajamouli.

+Sets by Saby Cyril are exquisite and a feast to eyes of onlookers. Every penny spent on the film is evident. It clearly gives us the 200-crore-movie feel.

+The CG work done by Srinivas Mohan & Team is no less than those in Hollywood movies. Graphics of such great quality were witnessed in no other Indian cinema so far.

+Contextual music and background score by Keeravani is awesome.


Minus Points of Baahubali:

-Rajamouli is an expert in creating a conflict among characters, taking it to a peak level and emotionally mesmerizing audiences. It is his strength. But conflicts with such high intensity were not shown by Rajamouli in Baahubali, because of which audience did not engage very well with the story.

-Except Sivudu and Sivagami, remaining characters were established very well by Rajamouli. The generosity of Mahendra Baahubali, cruelty of Bhallala Deva, wickedness of Bijjala Deva…the essence in those characters is not shown upto the mark.

-One will not be bored while watching Baahubali but once done watching, one can memorize nothing other than war, graphics.

-Abrupt ending feel.

-The biggest flaw…Rajamouli who brought out total output from all other technicians, he himself failed to give perfect output. This is probably the film in which Rajamouli is much confused regarding screenplay. With his Eega also, Rajamouli gained appraisals from cine-lovers and critics by showing great emotions. But this is missing in Baahubali though it has many  great and powerful characters.


On the whole, Baahubali Part-1 cannot be called an amazing flick. But it definitely raised standards of Indian cinema. It is the pride of Telugu people. Everyone must watch Baahubali part-1 once.



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