07/31/15 7:36 AM

Baahubali: Will Rajamouli Follow Karan Johar’s Advice?


Baahubali The Beginning that was released amid high expectations recorded a block buster hit not only in telugu but also in hindi tamil and Malayalam. Baahubali got appreciation at international level as well. With the wonderful hit of Baahubali part-1, expectations are reaching the sky on part-2. So, director SS Rajamouli is taking much care of Baahubali part-2. Based on the feedback that he received about part-1, the ace director is executing his script tactically.




An interesting thing that came into light about Baahubali part-2 is that Karan Johar who purchased hindi rights for Baahubali advised Rajamouli to involve a few Bollywood stars in the second part. If the story does not allow incorporate them in prominent characters, Karn Johar asked Rajamouli to give guest appearance to them. Karan said that he will take over the responsibility of getting those Bollywood stars to accept the role in Baahubali. The bollywood director-producer has given this idea because he feels that involvement of bollywood stars in part-2 will make audiences in the north like the film even more. So, director Rajamouli is giving it a deep thought. On the other hand, Baahubali is advancing in Bollywood standing still to the tough competition from Salman Khan’s superhit Bhajrangi Bhaijan. Baahubali The Beginning is nearing the Rs.100 crore mark in Bollywood.



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