04/28/15 9:45 AM

Baba Ramdev is God to ‘those Children’..

baba ramdev

Nepal earthquake has taken lives of loving mothers and caring fathers of many innocent kids. It has turned dreams of many to ashes. Baba Ramdev has decided to come to the rescue of many such chidren. The Yoga Guru who escaped narrowly from the disaster is offering help to victims in Nepal along with his followers. Baba Ramdev proved himself a God to orphaned children who lost their parents in the calamity by announcing that he will adopt them all.

Besides Ramdev, many others came forward to console and calm down Nepal victims who have been in tears eversince the earthquake attacked and also supporting them in all possible ways. Our central government has reacted as if the calamity occurred in country and trying to help Nepal. Golden Temple in Punjab is serving food to 1 lakh persons per day, Gurudwaras in Delhi are offering food to 25 thousand persons. Thousands of RSS members have gone to Nepal for relief operation. Parties like CPM, Shivsena have already announced donations. Let us hope that our small neighboring country recovers soon from the effects of earthquake.

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