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Baba Ramdev Patanjali Noodles-NO Permission

patanjalinoodles baba ramdev

patanjalinoodles baba ramdev


Do Baba Ramdev’s Noodles Have Permission?

How can Noodles be Released in Market Without Approval?

Patanjali Noodles Steer Controversy!

Baba Ramdev.. a noted name in India. He is the saint became popular with Yoga and also promoted the significance of Yoga. He is the head of Patanjali world that is worth thousands of crores of rupees. Food and medicines sold in the name of Swadesi by Baba Ramdev have considerable demand. His marketing team frames up fresh plans to cash the demand that Baba’s products have got.

Nestle company was asked to stop production and distribution of Maggi instant noodles in India and a few other countries as it was proved to contain chemicals beyond permissible levels. Nestle reportedly incurred a loss of Rs.10,000 crores due to the ban. The number tells us the vastness of market that exists for noodles. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev who bears this in mind has taken some quick moves to occupy the position of Maggi. He launched Patanjali Instant Noodles recently in market. It would be great if a national brand could replace an international company in our country. Also, people in the country will consume healthy noodles instead of Maggi that allegedly contains high levels of lead. But…

Any food product that is to be launched in market needs approval from the Food Safety and Satandards Authority of India (FSSAI). It is after they examine and provide license that any food product can be introduced in market. Coming to Patanjali instant noodles, they printed a number on the product saying that they are licensed. But the FSSAI Chairman Asish Bahuguna told Economic Times that they had not even received a request seeking licensing of Patanjali noodles and that the authority has not given any permission on the product.


ramdev patanjali noodles


Then what about the license number provided on Patanjali instant noodles? Is it wrong? Is Patanjali trying to misguide consumers? The product has steered discussion and controversy all over the country. Baba Ramdev who reacted to this said that they have got permit to prepare pasta; pasta and noodles are the same, so they have permit to prepare noodles is what the yoga guru says. Clarity on the issue may be obtained in another two days. Let us wait.



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