04/28/15 11:10 AM

Babu! Don’t Irritate us with Your Routine Dialogues..!


Chandrababu Naidu who has deeply been affected by KCR is unable to find a way to overpower him. Though Chandrababu remained the CM of 13 states after separation of 10 states as a result of protests for separate Telangana state, whenever he gets a chance, he is behind KCR. While TRS is conducting Operation ‘Akarsh’ to vanish TDP from Telangana, Chandrababu has no idea what he has to do as most TDP MLAs are shifting parties. The regular dialogues spoken by Chandrababu Naidu are irritating. Let us have a look at them.

The 2 states are like my Pair of Eyes: Only one eye remained for Babu who followed the two eye philosophy. Chandrababu who was elected for betterment of Andhra Pradesh seems as if he is not going to do so. The two national parties have already drowned Andhra Pradesh. There is no necessity for another national party ie., TDP to do the same. Babu should take keen interest and think all 24 hours about development of the state of AP but he being TDP leader and still hanging on to Telangana is unjustifiable. Chandrababu keeps saying that though one leader leaves party, he will make 100 other good leaders. But why is he not able to make atleast 1 great leader for Telangana? It is high time Chandrababu looks at his party and the government in different perspectives and concentrates on developing AP, failing which the reminant eye will also be poked in succeeding elections.

KCR who Originated in TDP now Criticizes the party: Chandrababu repeatedly says this. Should a politician who started his career in a party settle in the same part all through his life? If a leader provides opportunity, should be be dedicated lifelong and service the same leader? Babu, what are you saying? That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Chandrababu initiated in Congress but why is he not hooked up to the same party now? Why does he counter Congress party? It was Sr NTR who helped in Chandrababu Naidu’s rebirth in politics after he lost in 1983 elections. Did Chandrababu not collapse NTR from CM’s post? Are Chandrababu’s actions right? Is KCR the only person doing things wrong way? ‘Those who find faults with other people tend to be blind to their own faults’ goes well with Chandrababu in this matter. Whenever Babu raises this topic about KCR, it is much harmful to own self.

These 2 routine dialogues of Chandrababu Naidu have been irritating people as he has been running round in circles on the same issues since long.

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