06/27/15 10:12 AM

Babu is Creating Unnecessary Agitation: KTR



Telangana IT Minister KTR said that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is creating unnecessary disturbance in the minds of people in the two states by transforming his mistakes into an issue between the states. He commented that Chandrababu is trying to escape from Rs. 5 crore scam but is not concerned about the 5 crore people. KTR mentioned that it is not right to speak in a manner that is agitative. Our idea is that both the telugu states should undergo development and there should be friendly relations between the people in the states, said KTR. When he spoke about cash-for-vote case, the IT minister said that everyone is equal in the eyes of law and law will take care of everything. KTR reminded Arun Jaitley’s words in Rajya Sabha that Section-8 will not be valid unless there is an amendment in constitution. He said that the city of Hyderabad is at peace now. KTR said these words after he met central Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Delhi.



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