05/7/15 8:50 AM

Bad Luck! ‘Old’ Rahul is Back!!




Congress party leaders were overwhelmed with joy that Rahul Gandhi has transformed into a proper politician after his 56-day-foreign political training. They were overjoyed when Rahul gave an aggressive speech in the parliament regarding passing of land-acquisition bill. They imagined bright future of congress when Rahul went on padayatra and condolence tour. All their hopes collapsed with a comment that Rahul made yesterday about AP. What did Rahul Gandhi say about Andhra Pradesh..?

I played a major role in Kiran Kumar Reddy becoming the Chief Minister against the will of a few and he totally drowned the party and went away. Not sure when congress would recover from those effects in the telugu states’, said Rahul to some Telangana congress leaders who met him. The following doubts arouse in the minds of congress party members upon hearing the comment.

Congress party turned to bad shape when Rosaiah was the CM and not when Kiran Kumar Reddy was. The state of party was bettered when Kiran was in power. Once the decision of division was given out by congress, it was washed out from both states and how is Kiran responsible for it?

If details like where central educational organizations will be built in AP, subsidies for industries, where the capital city would be built, allocating huge funds for construction of AP state capital were announced by congress prior to announcing division of state, the party would have won assembly seats of all constituencies surrounding the new capital. But why did congress party not do so?

If congress is washed out in AP due to Kiran Kumar Reddy, then who is responsible for it in  Telangana?

Keeping aside the telugu states, what about congress party’s position in India? Why is it not seen in any part of the nation?

‘Inspite of analyzing all these factors, what would Rahul Gandhi or Congress party gain by putting the blame on Kiran Kumar Reddy?’ say AP congress leaders.

Congress leaders have been banging heads thinking what can political trainings give when a person has no reasoning skills.



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