02/1/16 11:18 AM

Balakrishna or Pawan Kalyan?


Ajith starrer Vedhalam which hit the theatres the previous year scored a hit at box-office. Initially it was heard that Nandamuri Balakrishna will remake Vedhalam in Telugu. Latest talk is that powerstar Pawan Kalyan will star in remake of the film which is going to be directed by S.J.Surya. Pawan who got narration of different lines for his next is finally showing interest towards Vedhalam Telugu remake. Shruti Haasan acted as female lead opposite Ajith in the original version. We have to wait to see if she plays the role in remake or not. Powerstar fans as assuming that  Pawan will do a sequel to blockbuster Khushi. But Vedhalam is a story with sister sentiment. So, we have to see how fans would receive it from powerstar.



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