01/19/16 11:28 AM

Balakrishna Reveals his Next to KCR

Nandamuri Balakrishna has successfully completed his 99th film Dictator. The actor’s concentration is now completely on his milestone film, the 100th film in his career, which will hit the floors this month. There has been a bit of confusion about Balakrishna choosing director for his 100th project.
Over the past few months, Nandamuri fans and media circles have been eagerly awaiting an official announcement on the same. The reports fly in as the Nandamuri hero was in talks with his Simha, Legend director Boyapati Srinu and the Aditya 369 director Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. But was nothing has been confirmed officially so far. Balakrishna met Telanagana CM KCR yesterday and when Chief Minister asked the actor about his 100th film, he revealed that it will indeed be Aditya 999, a sequel to his yesteryear super hit classic Aditya 369.
Balayya met KCR to request him to grant the Building Regularization Scheme for Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital. Balakrishna also specially requested the T CM to watch his film Dictator.

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