02/26/16 1:17 PM

Balakrishna Shocks Chiranjeevi


Nandamuri Balakrishna is one among the very few heroes who speak their heart out. He is very clear about what he speaks and mostly avoids troubles while doing so. Balakrishna is believed to be very frank and open-minded personality. He is not a diplomatic speaker and sometimes speaks out facts though it might turn controversial. The same happened rcently when he was asked by themedia regarding invitation to Lepakshi Utsav. Balayya said NO without any hesitation. It would have been good if Balakrishna chose to answer it with a simple No. But the Dictator star went ahead saying ‘I dont want to make anyone ride on my head. I have invited some important people and there is enough glamour at the Utsav. I am doing this it in my style, the dictator style,’ Balakrishna said which surprised all the journalists present over there. Chiranjeevi’s response to Balakrishna’s comments should be interesting now.



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