04/30/15 11:44 AM

Bashed up for Parking Space in New York!

A dispute that arouse for parking space led to them being arrested. If the fight was between 2 men, that would not have made news. But the fight was between 2 ladies. A hefty woman bashed another woman up in New York. Going into detail..Parking-Space

At Green Acres Mall in Valley Street, New York, a woman named Lutoiya was attempting to park her car. At the same time, a man came and parked his vehicle in the same space. When Lutoiya (white dressed) got into an argument with the man, his wife Tawana Morrel (orange dress) got down the car and started arguing with her which later flamed into a fight between the two. Tawana held Lutoiya’s hair and pulled her to floor. Then she seate on her and punched her in the face continuously. Nobody attempted to stop her though it was happening on the road. When a woman took courage to interfere, Tawana’s husband stopped her. Tawana who was aggressed gave blow after blow to Lutoiya. Police when informed about the fight took both of them into custody and inquired them both. The entire fight scene was shot by some passerby and uploaded to internet. The footage has gone viral over several social media website. Have a look at the scene below.

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