04/25/16 12:45 PM

Be Careful While Riding in Mercedes Benz!


Hot summer heat is up and people are unable to tolerate the intensity. The situation is even worse in Telugu states. The intensity of heat in AP and Telangana during this April is like never before. Record level temperatures are being noticed in several regions. In some places, temperatures have gone upto 47 degrees centigrade.
A recent incident that took place in Hyderabad proves the amount of heat prevailing in Telugu states. On Outer ring road, between Shamshabad and Rajendra Nagar in Ranga Reddy district, fire suddenly emerged out of a car. Not a normal budget car..It was a Mercedes Benz! Fortunately, a woman and her child present in the Mercedes saved themselves by getting out of the car immediately. It was observed that the two were on the way from Gachibowli to Airport. Sources say that the fire emerged out of the car as its engine was overheat due to extensive temperatures outside. This incident has caused fear in the minds of people who want to travel long distances in their own cars during this summer.
Mercedes is not just another regular company. High technology, luxury, safety and comfort are the main features of its vehicles. The design is such that travelling long distances by these cars causes no tiresomeness. Mercedes Benz is one of the expensive and most purchased cars in the country. When such a car itself got burnt due to heat, how can people bravely travel in budget cars and other vehicles! Both manufacturing companies and public are afraid after the incident that took place on ORR.



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