08/4/15 9:31 AM

Beautiful Women Can Go Out Midnight: AAP Somnath Bharti


AAP lawmaker Somnath Bharti triggered controversy with his sensational words. Beautiful women can go out midnight if Aam Admi Party takes over Delhi police, Somnath said. That is when the AAP leader says that beautiful women will have freedom and no fear. He said that safety will be ensured to such  a level if entire Delhi police department is handed over to AAP. The comments that Somnath Bharti made in front of assembly evoked both political leaders and netigens.




Delhi Congress leader Sharmistha Mukherjee severely fired on Somnath Bharti for his comments and said “It is absolutely disgusting and derogatory towards women, but it is not surprising coming from someone who defied law even when he was law minister. It really shows his attitude”. Senior BJP leader Vijendra Gupta, an opposition leader in the Delhi Assembly, said, “The remark shows what he thinks about women. It is highly objectionable remark of Bharti. He made a comment in presence of Chief Minister who did not stop him from using such words for women”.

Somnath Bharati’s wife who earlier accused him of domestic violence said that she is average-looking and may be that was the reason he ill-treated her.



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