12/10/15 3:15 PM

Bengal Tiger: Punch Dialogues on Pawan Kalyan




Bengal Tiger director Sampath Nandi worked for a year for script of Gabbar Singh-2 but Pawan Kalyan was not impressed with it. That is when he made Bengal Tiger movie with Ravi Teja in lead role. The director has included punch dialogues on Pawan Kalyan in his latest flick. Sampath Nandi entertains audiences through Attharintiki Daredi dialogues delivered by Prudhvi in Bengal Tiger. Feats by Posani to a song from Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi are rib-tickling. In one particular scene, he praised Pawan Kalyan to the skies. The dialogue that says that powerstar is a much big star than superstar Rajinikanth is a treat to Pawan’s fans. Sampath Nandi also mentioned Pawan Kalyan’s election campaign. A dialogue in Bengal Tiger says that it is one party gained majority of votes because Pawan campaigned only for that party. Not only Pawan, Sampath Nandi included dialogues of Mahesh Babu as well. When Prudhvi delivers the dialogue ‘Tirigi Ichheyali, Lekapothe laavu ayipotharu’ from Srimanthudu, air is filled with the sound of whistles and claps. The scene in which heroine tries to convince her father by citing examples like NTR getting his daughter married to Chandrababu and Allu Rama Lingaiah to Chiranjeevi also came out very well.



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