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Bengali Actress Suicide Facts Same Sex Relationship

Bengali television actress Disha Ganguly known for her roles in TV serials like ‘Kanakanjali’ and ‘Tumi Ashbe Bole’ was found dead on Thursday in her apartment. There was no suicide note found at the place but police were able to trace some shocking strange truths about Disha with the help of her phone history and personal diary.

Disha shared flat in the past with a friend who is an actress as well. Friendship turned into ‘sexual relationship’ between the two. Everything was smooth until it came to the notice of Disha’s parents that she was in a homosexual relationship. That was when they separated the two and sent Disha’s friend away. Disha who was totally depressed with the incident tried to kill herself at that point of time worried about what the society would think about her.

Noticing that Disha has fallen ill, parents got her married to a person named Vivaan Ghosh. But Disha never showed interest in marriage. She was indulged in thoughts about her ex-girlfriend. A night before committing suicide, Disha and Vivaan had reportedly gone out to watch the IPL opening match at Eden Gardens following which Vivaan went to visit his mother while Disha returned to her apartment. Later she was found hanging to the ceiling fan.

On knowing about the incident, Disha’s girlfriend also tried to commit suicide. When she tried to end her life by being hit by a train, passengers rescued and admitted her to a hospital. Hours before Disha was dead, Rs. 50,000 has been transferred from her account to a joint account of her friend through mobile banking.

Bengali Actress Suicide Facts Same-Sex Relationship

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