05/10/16 3:11 PM

Bengaluru Police Shocked by Secret Floor Sex Racket


It is a lodge very near to crime branch head quarters in Bengaluru. Its name is Shiva Palace Deluxe Lodge located in the busy area of NT Pete in central Bengaluru. There had been several complaints during previous two years that prostitution is going on in the lodge all the time. With this, during last two years, Bengaluru police raided the hotel for as many as six times. Since they could not find any such thing, they even apologized to the lodge management. Even after raiding for six times, complaints on prostitution in the lodge did not go down. The Bengaluru police reluctantly raided the place for the seventh time after receiving orders from higher authorities. This time also, they could find nothing. But, with the cleverness of an inspector, they were able to chase the racket. One of the inspectors examined the entire building of the lodge as they found nothing even the seventh time. He felt that the height between first and second floor is more. However, it did not seem like there is another floor in that gap. With the doubt that there is something between the two floors, when it was scanned using an extra scanning device, it detected a secret door on the wall beside staircase that leads from the first to second floor. When the door was opened, there was a floor with less height and some luxury rooms. There was a very good view of the road from that floor. Also, there was an emergency exit for the floor. Bengaluru police were shocked by witnessing the intelligence of the lodge owner. He very cleverly designed a floor between first and second floor of the building in a way that nobody ever suspects. Police have revealed after investigation that people in the secret floor escaped through emergency exit when the owner rang bell whenever police raided the lodge. Since the emergency exit leads to backside of the lodge, they say they never caught site of any of the persons escaping from there. Bengaluru police made  clear that this sex racket was run by the owner of Shiva Palace Deluxe Lodge and that he offered great packages to women from Bihar and West Bengal and got them to his lodge. Police also arrested Manjunath, Mahesh, HL Raghu, G Dharmendra Kumar, Chand who were part of the racket.



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