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Best Part-time Jobs for Students in India



Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance…this might seem new to many. In this, being in any place, you are supposed to look into appointment issues, make phone calls, write emails, respond to received mails, route guidance etc. if you opt virtual assistance, which requires no physical presence. It is better to approach companies after deciding timings flexible for you. Virtual assistance websites are growing in number now-a-days. Freelancing websites are all providing this opportunity.



Online Tutoring

Each person will be efficient in one subject. When people ask you doubts in the subjects, you clarify them. The same thing may be used to earn money. Teaching through video conferencing has grown more in past few years. All that you need is a laptop, good internet connection, good audio and video of laptop. There is no necessity of possessing your own website. Some websites provide online tutoring tools with minimal charges. One of the below mentioned websites may be chosen. Also there are some websites that offer tools free of cost through open sources.


  1. Tutor

  2. Aim 4A

  3. MilZul

  4. WizIQ


Get ready this way to pursue opportunities..

In orders to start with any of the opportunities mentioned above, first get your profile ready and upload on genuine job portals. Whenever you approach a client, provide link of that profile which you created. It is better to create a fresh email id for the job rather than using your personal one.

Genuine websites deposit amount earned by you directly into your bank account. They fetch account details from you when updating your profile. Agreement is a must when working with an unknown company. Do not forget that no company will miss you if your profile is impressive.

Accept emails only from official accounts. For example, renowned and big companies do not let their employees use gmail or ymail for dropping mails. They provide them with an email id generated from their own server.

Students can make use of their free time or a fixed few hours in a day to utilize this kind of opportunities, bearing in mind that this should not disturb their education. It is much advantageous if students opt for jobs that are close to their field of study.


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