04/23/16 5:45 PM

Big Mistake Committed by Telugu Heroes


During olden days, about three or four films each of then star heroes NTR, ANR, Krishna, Shobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi and others were released per year. But now…

It has been more than 8 months since the release of Mahesh ‘s Srimanthudu. His next film Brahmotsavam will hit theatres only after a month, which means the gap between his two consecutive movie releases is 9 months.

Coming to Allu Arjun, after S/O Satyamurthy, it took him about a year to appear on screen again as a full-fledged hero.

Ram Charan ‘s Bruce Lee was released about 6 months ago. His next film details are yet unknown.

Prabhas before Baahubali… All other heroes fall in the same category.

It has become impossible factor for two Telugu films of a same hero to hit the theatres in a single year. Along with producers and distributors, the position of entire Telugu film industry is incurring losses.

It is true that the technical values of Telugu cinema have become advanced. Due to advancement of technology, the production process has also speeded up. But this fastness is not observed in production in Tollywood. A regular commercial film would generally take three months time to complete. If planned properly, a star hero can appear in two films per year. But this is not happening. Also, are there very great films being made in Telugu so that they are taking so much time? Definitely not, there are a very few. Our heroes are over-caring and taking months together to select a story for their films. It is taking this long to convey regular stories with varied treatment. The success percentage in Tollywood the previous year is 5, which means that only 5 films out of the 100 films released are scoring hits.

There is nothing wrong in a director striving hard for a year or more films. But heroes working on a routine masala films for more than three months is a waste of time. If the film that is made for over a year records a flop, there will be no film for another year. This is not a positive gesture for the film industry.

So, star heroes should aim at starring in two films per year. They should follow the rule that they will not allot more than three months for a normal film. Only then, two films can be expected from them per year. If one turns out to be a flop, the other might record hit. That is when we can expect ten hit films per year in Tollywood.



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