08/14/15 8:59 AM

Bikini War Between Goa Ministers


Two ministers of Goa had differences on women wearing bikinis in the state. PWD Minister Sudeen Dawalikar opposed Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar’s decision accepting bikinis in Goa. Assemble made venue for the verbal war between the two ministers. Dawalikar opposed women coming out of beaches in bikinis. He said that he will inform Chief Minister of the state regarding the same and that wearing bikinis is not a part of our tradition.




Tourism Minister Paralekar who spoke over the bikini issue in assembly said ‘As a Tourism Minister, I am not against wearing bikinis. The can be worn in beaches and swimming pools but not to super markets and temples. Goa is famous for beach tourism. European tourists arrive here more. So, the decision that I have made is right’. Thus bikini war sprung between two ministers in Goa. We have to wait to see the reaction of CM of Goa over this.



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