10/12/15 1:37 PM

Biology Teacher Strips on Classroom Table

biology teacher strips in class

Children grasp what they see more than what they read. Digital classrooms and video lessons are being used in schools for the same reason. A biology teacher wanted to teach lessons to her students in a much interesting way. What did she do…?

A biology teacher in a school started teaching lesson on human body, its structure and organs. During the course of lesson, she mounted her table and started stripping clothes off. Students were shocked at once on seeing their teacher do so. It was only after a while they got to know what the teacher was actually doing. The incident took place in Netherlands. The teacher who got the creative thought of teaching a lesson was Debby Heerkens. We did not discuss what the teacher did yet, right..?


biology teacher strips in class

Students were shocked to see their teacher strip. But the teacher actually wore a dress that bears design of human body and its organs beneath the dress that she had removed. Students were awestruck with the creative thought of their teacher. Once she was done clearly explaining about body parts, she removed that dress as well. This time, there was a dress that had design of human skeleton on it. A video of the teacher’s different style of teaching was uploaded on YouTube and as many as 27.7 lakh people have viewed it already.

Watch the video below:




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