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Biryani for Cleaning Lake: Republic Day Special


In Khozikode district in Kerala, there is a lake called Kollam Chira which is 25km from Thiruvananthapuram. Collector of the district who noticed that the lake was in a very dirty state decided to get it cleaned up and use it to reserve rain water. For this, if contractors and tender would all need lakhs of rupees. So, district collector N. Prasanth decided to utilize human resources for the cause. He gave an open invitation on Facebook to people in Khozokode to clean the up the lake on Republic Day. Also he mentioned that Khozikode biryani will be provided to all those who take part in the act.

Prasanth has got great following on Facebook. Nearly 1.5 lakh people are following him on the social networking site. The collector who is highly active on social media addresses public as friend or brother. He often discusses government schemes etc with people and collects their opinions. Also he sees that such discussions do not go way too seriously. With all this, the Republic Day invite he gave on Facebook has got great response.


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Nearly 750 people took part in the clean-up. A 14-acre lake was totally tidied up in a single day. Collector got 50 kg biryani cooked for all the volunteers. This might have cost him around Rs.15 thousand. But contracts, tenders etc would have cost the government lakhs of rupees. Since the lake was cleaned by people, they will take care of it in future. Korada.com appreciates collector N. Prasanth’s brilliant act on Republic Day.



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