10/28/15 1:24 PM

BJP MLA Fires on Balakrishna

Somu-Veerraju (1)

Somu-Veerraju (1)


BJP MLA Somu Veerraju fired once again on TDP government and the party leaders. He came down on MLA Balakrishna and MP Galla Jayadev that they are speaking on special status without awareness on the matter. He suggested that Balakrishna should properly observe the states with special status. The BJP leader questioned if Balakrishna does not know that Modi established Niti Aayog for special status. He said that cases are being filed immediately when Chandrababu effigies are being burnt and asked why the same is not being done when effigies of Modi are burnt. While PM Modi’s photos are being put up on schemes by center in Telangana, it is only Chandrababu’s pictures that are found in Ap, he mentioned. Somu Veerraju alleged that investors are showing interest in AP only because center is providing uninterrupted supply of power to the state. Also the BJP MLA mentioned that it is not right to accuse him of trying to become union minister by speaking against TDP.



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